About Us

We both came to loving Personal History and Preservation, and we each have our own story. Ultimately, both of us agreed that it is our passion for bringing history to life, and connecting people with that history that drives our passion.

Whether it is a person, an heirloom, or a story, the fulfillment after seeing someone’s face as they look at a fully restored photo, or watch their grandmother talk about how they met their husband, is priceless.

We launched My Autumn Sweater three years ago out of an overwhelming interest in preserving personal legacies for future generations. Based in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, this woman-owned company’s mission is to help families, individuals, companies and organizations document history, share life stories, connect generations and preserve their legacies via high quality restoration, video.

Pooling our well-developed talents in the fields of photography, design, photo editing and restoration, videography, production and editing we’ve gained a reputation for offering quality restoration, legacy videos, family and personal video slideshows, and keepsakes.

About our Name

Most people ask us 'What does My Autumn Sweater' mean? We came by our company name through a long discussion about what our historical and ancestral memories mean to us. A sweater, taken out of a chest in fall, holds memories.

The person who gave it to you, the holiday you received it on, or the smell it still carries from that perfume you used last Christmas. It evokes memories that make us smile, and make us who we are.

My Autumn Sweater’s services carry a tradition of catering to a client base with an appreciation for history, especially their own, who also appreciate the lasting value of fine craftsmanship.

Welcome to our family!