Frequently Asked Questions

Photo Restoration

What kinds of damage can My Autumn Sweater fix?
By scanning your photo in high resolution, we can repair tiny scratches, rips, mold, water damage, stains and more. After small details are taken care of, we can take care of large rips, faded colors, writing, doodles, and even rebuild parts of the photo that are missing provided you can tell us what was originally there. If you’re unsure, please contact us to discuss the damage your photos have sustained.

Will you do anything to my original photograph?
No. The only interaction with your original photo would be to scan it in high resolution. Whether we do this in your home, or you send us the photograph, you will receive the original back the same condition you sent it. If you had the photo scanned elsewhere and send the digital file to us, we will never touch your original photo.

Is scanning and printing included in your prices?
No, our services are priced separately due to the technical aspects and time spent on scanning items properly. Scanning is just the first step in photo restoration, but we don’t always perform that step.

How long does photo restoration take?
The time it takes to repair your photo directly depends on how damaged it is. If it needs reconstruction and drawing, it will take longer than simply color correction and scratch removal. We would need to inspect your photo to give an estimate on time.

Can I provide you a digital file of the photo I want restored?
Yes! If you don’t want to give your photo to us (or send it if you’re out of our visiting area), you can take your photo to a scanning provider and send us the file. You will want to make sure they scan it at a high resolution and do not make any image adjustments on their own.

Where do your photo restoration services take place? Do you send my photos to a lab?
Absolutely not! All of our services are performed in house by our restoration experts. If you are local, you’ll even meet us!

Can you remove people from a photo?
Yes, we can remove people from a photograph with a description of what was behind them. We will add people to a photograph if a comparable photo of that person is provided. We can successfully perform these edits 9 times out of 10.

How do I get my restored photo back?
We will return your original photo back to you in the same condition we received it. Your restored photography will be delivered in digital format on a DVD or CD. You also have the option of getting your restored photograph printed on a variety of papers, from archival to fine art.

I have seen similar services offered at lower prices elsewhere. Why are you more expensive?
As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Our restoration services are considered ‘archival quality’ as we don’t use auto-settings, tricks or cookie cutter techniques. Each photo is unique and has unique restoration needs, so every image gets individual attention and care.

If you are on a strict budget, you may be happy with the work a cheaper restoration service provides, such as Walgrees, who only does color correction. And in some cases, cheaper prices are provided because your photos are sent to a lab to be processed, rather than worked on by an restoration expert. These labs are typically one-size-fits-all using automated tricks, which can look fine on the surface, but most photos come back with lost detail and sharpness.

All of our services are provided onsite with artists who care just as much about your photos as you do, which means your precious memories are safe with us.

Legacy Videos

How long does it take to make a Legacy Film/Video?
The timeframe for production and post-production depends on what details of the video you wish to create. If you wish the video to show a childhood to adulthood, the actual production of the ‘finished product’ could take years. However, if you simply with to have us interview your family member, it could take as little as a day or two. We can adjust to yours and your family’s needs.

How much does it cost??
Again, this is dependent on scope and length of time, as well as add-ons such as pictures, restoration, 3D image animation, etc. We can provide a quote at your request. We pride ourselves on quality, and while we are not the cheapest, we are not the most expensive either.

All of my relatives have passed. Can I still make a Biography video about them?
Of course! We can produce a video montage with images, old VHS tapes, and living family members talking about memories they have of your late loved one.

I have tons of family photos and home movies I'd like to include. How do I choose? Where do I start?
Generally, you should start with the photos where you know what’s going on and who is in the image. Once those are chosen, you can move forward with those where the location/event is a little fuzzier and research from there.

I'm in the process of making my own family video. Can you do any consulting for me?
Yes, for a fee. We can also edit your family video or restore photos for your video.

What do you do for people who are camera shy?
For the camera shy, we usually allow them to sit in on other family members being interviewed so they can become comfortable with the atmosphere. We can also talk to them before hand so they get to know our interviewer a bit better, so the conversation is natural.

I feel like my life was boring and uneventful, but my family wants me to do this? Should I make a video for my family?
While you may feel that your life is boring, your family does not. Events or hobbies that are mundane to you will be a cherished story to your children, grandchildren, and beyond.

I live in Chicago, but my family doesn't. Can I still make a video with you?
Of course! We can travel, though require the customer to cover those expenses in our fee.

I'm interested in including Genealogy research in the video. Do you do genealogy?
While we are extremely interested in Genealogy, we are not experts. We can provide hints, tips that we’ve come across for ourselves, though we don’t offer the service to the public.

What type of equipment do you use?
We use various video equipment including a Canon D700 Digital Video Camera, Lighting, and professional microphone/boom and recording techniques. We can provide further technical specs upon request.

Do you ever do work for charities or non-profits?
Yes, we do work for Charities and Non-Profits for a reduced cost.

Scanning Services

Can you scan slides and/or negatives?
Yes we can! We can scan standard slides and negatives, as well as odd sizes. Just tell us the dimensions, and we can give you a quote. You can also check our pricing page, to see if your slide/negative type is already there.

How much does it cost??
Check out our pricing page for standard/odd sized slide and negative information and photo scanning prices. If you don’t see what you need on this page, send us a message and we can give you a quote.

What resolution do you scan at?
Depending on your needs, our standard scan resolution is 300-600 dpi. If you are a professional, and want our PRO package, we will scan up to 6000 dpi.

How do I get my photos to you?
If you are local, we can pick up your photos from your home, otherwise, you can send them to us in a sturdy box. Do not send precious documents in an envelope or flimsy box.

Are my photos/slides/negatives returned to me?
Yes, of course. We will send them back to you in the same box you sent them in; along with the return shipping label you have included. More information on shipping can be found here.

Will you organize my scans or name them for me?
Due to the high volume of scans, we do not offer custom naming or organization. We will send your scans to you on an Archival CD or DVD at your request, sequentially numbered in the order your documents were scanned.

Can you scan my items in a particular order?
If you need your photos scanned in a preferred order, we can for an additional fee. They will be scanned and sequentially numbered in the order they were scanned.

I have an old photo album, and the photos are stuck to the pages. Can you scan these for me?
Of course! If you can remove your photos, great, but if not, we can work with what you send us. This will not effect scan quality.

Can you scan tiny photos, or photos that have been cutout into shapes?
Yes. We can scan photos as small as 1×1, and photos that have been cut out.

Can you scan curled or bent photos?
We will scan curled or bent photos as long as no undue damage will come to the photo upon being flattened. If we feel the photo may be damaged by scanning, we will return the photo to you unscanned.

I have my disc. What now?
You will be able to post to social media, edit, download, or print the photos on the disc. We do not protect, or otherwise keep you from accessing the scans you’ve purchased.

I have a question that wasn’t answered here. How can I get that information? Just ask! We are here to answer your questions, and make you feel comfortable sending us your family photos and possessions. Contact us with your questions at any time.