Christmas Gifts with Family Memories

Thanksgiving is officially in one week, and households all over the United States will be gathering together to tell stories, revive old memories, reminisce on days past, enjoy spending time with new family members and even meet new people.

It’s the kind of day that some of us look forward to all year round because we get to make new memories, or take part in traditions that only happen once a year.

If Thanksgiving is officially in one week, then Christmas is officially 6 weeks away. Time to panic!?? No!

Riding on the good memories of Thanksgiving, we can come up with gift ideas that will tickle the funny bone, make people cry, or just feel good all over without braving the crowds of Black Friday. Actually, how about a new tradition of skipping Black Friday all together?

Here’s a list of family friendly Christmas gift ideas for 2014:

  • Restore your Grandparent’s Wedding Photo and give it to your parents.
  • Colorize that black and white photo of your Great Grandparents, and frame it for your Grand Parents.
  • Have a genealogy video made, and have a showing after Christmas Dinner.
  • Have a photo restored, and let us make a piece of jewelry out of it.
  • Have all the generations record a minute video about what they love about their family, and a wish for the future, and view it after dinner!

Again, if you need any of your old photos restored, or if you have boxes of slides waiting to be scanned, send us a message!

We’d be happy to rush your request for the Holidays!