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Photo scanning is extremely important in our world of photo restoration, and there is a fair amount of effort that goes into getting the right scan so the restoration goes smoothly. If you want your photo to print well, you have to scan it correctly. Scanning isn’t all defaults and ‘plugnplay’ either – there is a bit of a science to it, and the machine you use matters.

We can use photography as a good comparison: Photography has levels of quality in the industry. Good and bad photographers, good and bad cameras, good and bad lighting, etc. You wouldn’t take editorial modeling shots with your iPhone would you?

Scanners work the same way; if the settings are off, if the DPI isn’t high enough, if the software creates streaks in your photo, or if it’s dirty, adds spots to your already spotty photo… this can cause a lot of problems.

At My Autumn Sweater, we use a special scanner that gives us high resolution, clear scans. The scanner itself gives us true to life color, and doesn’t add work for us on an already damaged photo. As an anecdote, when we were doing this non-professionally, our home scanner actually took the image and split it into two, then tried to put the whole back together creating a nice little line going right up the center; sometimes through someone’s face. That created extra work of trying to correct the line, and then we could get to the real problem.

The scanner we have now also generates light from the bottom and the top so we can oddly sized or curled scan negatives and slides without damaging them or sending them through the slot for batch scanning.

So if you’re in the market for a great scanner, or need scanning services, check out Epson (they’re the best), or send us an email with your request.

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