Up until the 1970s, color photography was rare, so many of our friends, parents, grandparent’s, great grandparent’s photos and beyond are all in black and white! Getting to see what their world looked like in color can be a special gift to you and your family. With true to live color techniques, you’ll get to see what color your mother’s dress really was, or how blue the sky was in 1929!

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The example was originally in black and white (shown on the left and right), and was colorized to bring out the lively party atmosphere going on around the couple. The phone is from the 1950s.

We can colorize the following types of photos:

  • Standard Photos (as seen right)
  • Portraits
  • Restored Photos
  • Scanned Slides or Negatives

If you have a photo you want colorized, and need it restored first please send us a high-resolution scan and we can give you a restoration/colorization combo quote. If you do not have a high-res scan, we can scan it for you!

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