Photo Restoration Services

Our old family photos are the window into our past, and hold valuable memories. Restore your treasured photos to their original glory, or better than they looked when they were originally printed. Having an old family photograph restored makes a wonderful gift for family members, as it is truly a gift from the heart.

We know how important that memory can be to you and your loved ones, and only work on a digital scan of your original, patiently repairing it back to the quality it once was.

 But don’t be fooled! Not all photo restoration is created equal. We provide one on one service, individually customized to the current level of damage to your family photo.

See what type of services we offer below and contact us with any questions on what level of restoration your photo may need.


Minor Restoration

Minor Restoration

Even photos that aren't ripped or scratched need a little love. Correct color, brighten eyes, or get rid of dust spots with a little restoration help from our resident artists.

Medium Restoration

Medium Restoration

Photos with minor rips and tears, fading, mold, yellowing or smoke damage among other things fall into this category. Our artists can take your photo and restore it beautifully, even reattaching pieces of a photo to the whole.

Severe Restoration

Severe Restoration

Badly faded or yellowed photos, negatives turned photos, torn or ripped, missing body parts(!), no problem! Even if you think that old photo can't be saved, in most cases, it can be.


Our pricing is based off the severity of the restoration itself. If you need minor work done on the photo, it will be cheaper. If you need extreme work done to a photo, it will be more expensive.

Standard Restoration prices start at $45 for a photo with minor scratches, spots and tears. Prices can go up from there depending on the type and severity of damage to the photo. Most photos will not require above $200 of work, though if the image requires facial or body reconstruction/creation, expect to pay more than the base fee. If you’re not sure what your photo requires, please contact us using the button below and we can provide you a quote!

Restoration Examples

Please hover over each image to see the results!


Restoration: A color photograph with a large coffee stain was scanned and restored to remove the stain. Color correction and minimal reconstruction done. Price: $85 for moderate restoration including spot, scratch and stain removal, re-contouring and color correction/enhancement.


Restoration: A negative was scanned and reversed to reveal the photo. Minimal contrast and correction was requested. Price: $50 for scan and minor restoration.