Photo Restoration & Preservation

Generally, when one thinks of photo restoration, they think of very, very old photos that have degraded, faded, ripped, had things spilt on them, and the list is endless. They would be right. And it can sometimes seem overwhelming to choose just a few special photos to be restored and saved. But ultimately, whether you choose one photo or one hundred, it’s worth it to save family memories and be able to see your ancestor’s cherished photos in their finest form.

Specifically, photo restoration can come in many forms: color correction for faded or yellowed photos, scratch removal, putting torn pieces back together, and even recreating backgrounds and faces in some extreme cases. Generally, a high quality photo editing software is necessary for this, such as PhotoShop. Microsoft Paint just wont do.

But of all of this, the most important thing is how the picture is scanned. Some scanners don’t have the DPI output necessary to enlarge a photo enough for detailed restoration, and sometimes, depending on what kind of scanner you use, it can change the color of the picture during scanning, and sometimes make scratches worse. So if you’re doing your scanning yourself, you’ll want to make sure your scanner is up to snuff, and if you have a scanning service do it, make sure they’re not color correcting in the scanner prior to sending it. This makes it much more difficult to bring the photo back to it’s original state.

The lowest DPI to scan a photo is at 300 to 400 DPI for a true to size photo. If you need or want it blown up, you may need to scan the picture at a much higher DPI such as 1000 to 1200 DPI which will allow the enlarged print to be crisp and clear. However, this can also bring out a lot more flaws, so restoration, especially for little details, can be more extensive.

In the end, the final product outweighs the effort to get there, and you end up with a prized photo that will last another 100 years (or longer!).

If you have a photo you need restored, contact us for a quote!