My Autumn Sweater Samples


Moderate/Severe Photo Restoration

This image was heavily stained with coffee, and was also discolored from years of sitting in a shoebox (with the coffee stain setting in!).

We first addressed the stain to bring back as much color as possible while maintaining depth, shadows and detail.

After the stain was resolved, we started color correcting and bringing back definition and contour that had been lost. This type of photo would qualify as a moderate to severe restoration.

Severe Photo Restoration

This image had cracks, dust spots, discoloration, and some general wear and tear from being in a box for quite some time. The photo sits in it’s original matting, and so we carefully removed it, scanned the photo and matting separately, and restored them both before combining the images again.

This photo qualifies for severe restoration due to the partial facial reconstruction and deep scratches to the female subject’s mouth and nose.


Moderate Restoration

This image had thousands of mold spores growing on it from sitting in a damp basement. Even though it was in a plastic bin, many of the photos inside the bin had some level of water damage and mildew on them.

Carefully scanning this so as not to spread mold to other pictures, we scanned it at a very high resolution so we could drill down to the teeniest of mold specs littering this photo.

The end result is a much clearer, crisper version of the original.

Minor Restoration & Full Colorization

This image needed very little restoration, though we did go in and remove dust spots, and add some facial contour back into the photo as it had started to lose its detailing.

After restoration, we colorized the photo fully, paying detailed attention to even the food in the background to bring this photo to life.

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