Why Genealogy and Photo Restoration Go Hand in Hand

I caught the ancestry/genealogy bugs from my mom when I was a teenager. I’m in my late twenties now, and if anything I am even more interested in my ancestry than I was as a teenager.

It was fascinating tracking my ancestors along their 80 year migration from Antrim, Northern Ireland to Manhattan, New York to where they finally settled in Ohio near Columbus. Apparently, I have 2nd, and 3rd cousins in Ohio where they started to settle and start having families!

When I look back at these stories, some of them come along with photographs, and it gives me a much clearer picture of who that person was, what they looked like, what physical traits have been passed down to me, and I could go on forever! It’s so important for me to keep this information available for myself, and my future descendants; otherwise, my history is lost to time and age.

I would be saddened if my children didn’t know where they’d come from, or have pride in their ancestors and how they survived the Irish Potato Famine to immigrate here, and finally settle and thrive.

I would be even more saddened if my children couldn’t see the faces of those people because I hadn’t preserved the few pictures I do have of them. This is why photo restoration is so very important to preserving that history so future generations can access and enjoy this information when the original photos has turned to dust.

Archival paper and boxes can only do so much, where digital photo preservation can save and enhance a photo to its original state. The digital version can be reprinted as necessary if the original photo is in a delicate state.

Always remember! Save those photos before it’s too late!